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The right approach to a successful application

Before applying to become a WSQ Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), it will be advantageous for the applicant to obtain an appreciation of what it means to carry the “ATO” banner.

As a WSQ ATO Consultant, we cannot stress enough that this initial understanding will go a long way, especially for those who wish to enter into the CET field as a director of a training organisation for the first time.

There are important obligations to maintaining “ATO” standards; and this desirable mindset is expected not only throughout the application process but in all the ATO’s undertakings thereafter.  

Over the years, BullRun~Consult had encountered many training organisations whose names were struck off by SSG – shortly after successfully securing the status of WSQ ATO. All this because of one single reason – perhaps owing to ignorance or a “casualness” towards the importance of the responsibility of being an ATO.

This attitude can manifest itself in many ways during application. It can be one of many reasons why an application may fail but here are some common ones:

– applying for a framework that is closed or about to close
– applying for more than one framework or course
– failure to demonstrate implementation of the compliant (CIR) system and required capabilities
– failure to provide sufficient details in the submission
– a badly written submission unbefitting of an education mindset
– a poor understanding of the SSG-WSQ philosophy and conviction

Understanding the Big Picture: aligning with national goals 

Applying for ATO accreditation is an application to obtain the right and authority for an enterprise to conduct quality learning programmes that are designed to meet the unique needs of industries and learners.

Singapore’s continued economic success is highly dependent on the quality of its workforce. To this end, ATO applicants are naturally subjected to MOE’s (under SSG) stringent scrutiny and evaluation of the credibility, commitment, quality and suitability of management to assume this important responsibility and shared mission (see SSG’s mission statement which is supported by various agencies as shown in the following diagram).

Evidence of the proper installation of the CIR processes, and attention given to all compliant requirements for this undertaking, will indicate the outlook of the applicant – and whether this outlook is compatible with the goals of SSG.

A right step forward with proper CIR system in place

At BullRun~Consult, our seasoned WSQ ATO consultant has journeyed with many CET clients over the past 10 years in their path toward successful WSQ Organisation Accreditation (OA) and Course Accreditation (CA).

We know that the first step that will ensure your ATO has a smooth forward journey is to properly erect your CIR processes. This will save you a lot of headaches and non-compliance issues in the near future – not to mention manpower, time and cost.

This is why after you have gained your organisation accreditation, BullRun~Consult will continue to support you in your internal audits and management review – to ensure that your ATO remains aligned with SSG’s evolving goals, and is not at risk of suspension. 

BullRun~Consult additionally provides management assistance with our Management Continuity Support Programme. The programme partially reliefs management from a number of time-consuming activities and allows owners and directors to attend to operational  process matters during the early stages after accreditation, while not abandoning their important management duties.

The programme enables  management to obtain support from BullRun~Consult in the areas of regular Management Review meeting and follow-up; development of its 3-year business plan; working with management on its growth and expansion plan; and other management duties.

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With our help, you will be able take your first step in the right direction and lose no time and expense in playing your role to help produce Singapore’s future talents – while benefiting from the sector’s long-term growth opportunity and our continuous support.

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(Read more about SSG and its goals and learn what it means to be a WSQ ATO in the extracts of the speech by DPM Lim Swee Say.)


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