Benefits of the ISO 29993 Standard

An internationally-recognised quality mark for all CET organisations

The ISO 29993:2017 (previously ISO 29990:2010) is the internationally-acknowledged quality standard for education and informal learning.

Other than complying with MOM’s training provider requirements, there are four great leverages to become ISO-certified even if you are not a MOM training provider (LSP):

-A management tool to actualise learning quality and mitigate business risks in the organisation’s most critical function

Adopting the ISO 29993 standard means that the most critical of LSP processes are charted out and performance and evaluation measures can be put in the right places base on learning goals and lesson plans. Management will be able to monitor and review these at regular intervals and take corrective actions before things get out of hand.

-A boost to operational effectiveness and overall quality standard when integrated with existing system

The existing ISO 29990 grew out of the widely-recognised ISO series of standards, reflecting the wisdom of over two decades of quality management experiences derived from multiple industries around the globe.

The new ISO 29993 is now replacing the ISO 29990 – but with a much keener focus on course quality and delivery standard, i.e. more specific requirements are highlighted in this new standard under these two areas.

No other quality system can duplicate the immense value that the ISO mark offers. When adopting BullRun~Consult’s integration model, the organisation can benefit from the combined strengths of each standards – resulting in many advantages that includes facilitating digitization of a comprehensive IMS (see Benefits of Integrating WSQ CIR & ISO 29993)

-Strengthening your brand presence locally

In the presence of the growing number of foreign and international training organisations entering the Singapore market, local CET organisations must improve their corporate image and marketing appeal to compete with these international training organisations.

The ISO mark, which is a mark for quality excellence, can improve your brand perception when carried alongside your marketing imprints, giving your organisation an international outlook. This enhances your organisation’s brand appeal to local customers as well as receptivity in overseas’ markets.

-A strong marketing and collaborative tool for regional growth

As foreign CET organisations enter into our small market, local CET organisations must look regional to compensate for the loss of customers. With the empowerment that digitization brings to regionalization, the value and attractiveness of the international ISO Standard as a competitive edge in penetrating the fast-growing ASEAN markets, cannot be ignored.

Preparation for ISO 29993 Certifications

At BullRun~Consult, our experienced ISO 29990:2010 consultant has helped dozens of MOM ATPs transit to the LSP certification framework since 2014 when the ISO 29990 came under the regulatory requirement of MOM and now, .

With the 29990 replacement to ISO 29993:2017-2018, we hope to further assist both existing and new clients to transit to the new set of requirements.

We work closely with MOM & SAC approved ISO 29993 certification bodies to ensure that your implementation of the international ISO 29993 processes are authentic and certifiable.

BullRun~Consult’s Holistic Expertise

Our ISO 29993 consultant can also help your organisation prepare for increasing local competition and regional growth by integrating your WSQ CIR processes with the ISO standards (see list of benefits here: Benefits of Integrating WSQ CIR & ISO 29993).  

Also check out our planning for growth advantage.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage on this international quality mark to give your education and training organisation a competitive global outlook and strengthen your  competitiveness.

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